In 1920 the MOUNT CARMEL CONVENT CHATHIATH established. After two years with two inmates Mother Angela established mount Carmel orphanage I n 1950 number of inmates increased to sixty . With the hard effort of Mother Angela a separate building was built for the inmates. In 1951 in the history of the orphanage a great event happened. It was the year of silver jubilee year of the Most Rt Rev. Dr. Joseph Attipetty . For the ever living memory of the silver Jubilee he laid a foundation stone for BETHEL a house for the abandoned children this institution is the shelter for abandoned children from hospitals and streets .In 1952 MAY 28th its construction finished. From then on wards a lot of desttute children joined to thi institution. TODAY THIS INSTITUTION IS KNOWN AS MOUNT CARMEL ORPHANAGE ,CHATIYATH, PACHALAM P.O. These children send to our own school for education. After high school education we send them to our industrial school . Some of them were adopted by foreigners,especially people from Belgium, france, G.ermany, Italy

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